dvādaśyāṁ pāraṇaṁ prati
cintayām āsa dharma-jño
dvijais tad-dharma-saṅkaṭe
muhūrta-ardha-avaśiṣṭāyām—was remaining only for half a moment; dvādaśyām—when the Dvādaśī day; pāraṇam—the breaking of the fast; prati—to observe; cintayām āsa—began to think about; dharma-jñaḥ—one who knows the principles of religion; dvijaiḥ—by the brāhmaṇas; tat-dharma—concerning that religious principle; saṅkaṭe—in such a dangerous condition.
In the meantime, only a muhūrta of the Dvādaśī day was left on which to break the fast. Consequently, it was imperative that the fast be broken immediately. In this dangerous situation, the King consulted learned brāhmaṇas.

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