ya etat saṁsmaret prātaḥ
sāyaṁ ca susamāhitaḥ
kavir bhavati mantra-jño
gatiṁ caiva tathātmanaḥ
yaḥ—anyone who; etat—about this incident; saṁsmaret—may remember; prātaḥ—in the morning; sāyam ca—and in the evening; susamāhitaḥ—with great attention; kaviḥ—learned; bhavati—becomes; mantra-jñaḥ—well aware of all Vedic mantras; gatim—the destination; ca—also; eva—indeed; tathā ātmanaḥ—like that of the self-realized soul.
If one hears and chants or remembers this narration in the morning and evening with great attention, he certainly becomes learned, experienced in understanding the Vedic hymns, and expert in self-realization.

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