sā sakhībhiḥ parivṛtā
vicinvanty aṅghripān vane
valmīka-randhre dadṛśe
khadyote iva jyotiṣī
—that Sukanyā; sakhībhiḥ—by her friends; parivṛtā—surrounded; vicinvantī—collecting; aṅghripān—fruits and flowers from the trees; vane—in the forest; valmīka-randhre—in the hole of an earthworm; dadṛśe—observed; khadyote—two luminaries; iva—like; jyotiṣī—two shining things.
While that Sukanyā, surrounded by her friends, was collecting various types of fruits from the trees in the forest, she saw within the hole of an earthworm two things glowing like luminaries.

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