ācāryānugrahāt kāmaṁ
labdhvā puṁstvaṁ vyavasthayā
pālayām āsa jagatīṁ
nābhyanandan sma taṁ prajāḥ
ācārya-anugrahāt—by the mercy of the spiritual master; kāmam—desired; labdhvā—having achieved; puṁstvam—maleness; vyavasthayā—by this settlement of Lord Śiva; pālayām āsa—he ruled; jagatīm—the whole world; na abhyanandan sma—were not satisfied with; tam—to the king; prajāḥ—the citizens.
Thus being favored by the spiritual master, according to the words of Lord Śiva, Sudyumna regained his desired maleness every alternate month and in this way ruled the kingdom, although the citizens were not satisfied with this.
The citizens could understand that the king was transformed into a female every alternate month and therefore could not discharge his royal duty. Consequently they were not very satisfied.

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