te pālayantaḥ samayam
asurāḥ sva-kṛtaṁ nṛpa
tūṣṇīm āsan kṛta-snehāḥ
te—the demons; pālayantaḥ—keeping in order; samayam—equilibrium; asurāḥ—the demons; sva-kṛtam—made by them; nṛpa—O King; tūṣṇīm āsan—remained silent; kṛta-snehāḥ—because of having developed attachment to Mohinī-mūrti; strī-vivāda—disagreeing with a woman; jugupsayā—because of thinking such an action as abominable.
O King, since the demons had promised to accept whatever the woman did, whether just or unjust, now, to keep this promise, to show their equilibrium and to save themselves from fighting with a woman, they remained silent.

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