tvayy agra āsīt tvayi madhya āsīt
tvayy anta āsīd idam ātma-tantre
tvam ādir anto jagato ’sya madhyaṁ
ghaṭasya mṛtsneva paraḥ parasmāt
tvayi—unto You, the Supreme Personality of Godhead; agre—in the beginning; āsīt—there was; tvayi—unto You; madhye—in the middle; āsīt—there was; tvayi—unto You; ante—in the end; āsīt—there was; idam—all of this cosmic manifestation; ātma-tantre—fully under Your control; tvam—Your Lordship; ādiḥ—beginning; antaḥ—end; jagataḥ—of the cosmic manifestation; asya—of this; madhyam—middle; ghaṭasya—of an earthen pot; mṛtsnā iva—like the earth; paraḥ—transcendental; parasmāt—because of being the chief.
My dear Lord, who are always fully independent, this entire cosmic manifestation arises from You, rests upon You and ends in You. Your Lordship is the beginning, sustenance and end of everything, like the earth, which is the cause of an earthen pot, which supports the pot, and to which the pot, when broken, finally returns.

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