śrutvāśvamedhair yajamānam ūrjitaṁ
baliṁ bhṛgūṇām upakalpitais tataḥ
jagāma tatrākhila-sāra-sambhṛto
bhāreṇa gāṁ sannamayan pade pade
śrutvā—after hearing; aśvamedhaiḥ—by aśvamedha sacrifices; yajamānam—the performer; ūrjitam—very glorious; balimBali Mahārāja; bhṛgūṇām—under the guidance of the brāhmaṇas born in the Bhṛgu dynasty; upakalpitaiḥ—performed; tataḥ—from that place; jagāma—went; tatra—there; akhila-sāra-sambhṛtaḥ—the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the essence of all creation; bhāreṇa—with the weight; gām—the earth; sannamayan—depressing; pade pade—at every step.
When the Lord heard that Bali Mahārāja was performing aśvamedha sacrifices under the patronage of brāhmaṇas belonging to the Bhṛgu dynasty, the Supreme Lord, who is full in every respect, proceeded there to show His mercy to Bali Mahārāja. By His weight, He pushed down the earth with every step.
The Supreme Personality of Godhead is akhila-sāra-sambhṛta. In other words, He is the proprietor of everything essential in this material world. Thus although the Lord was going to Bali Mahārāja to beg something, He is always complete and has nothing to beg from anyone. Indeed, He is so powerful that in His full opulence He pressed down the surface of the earth at every step.

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