yena me pūrvam adrīṇāṁ
pakṣa-cchedaḥ prajātyaye
kṛto niviśatāṁ bhāraiḥ
patattraiḥ patatāṁ bhuvi
yena—by the same thunderbolt; me—by me; pūrvam—formerly; adrīṇām—of the mountains; pakṣa-cchedaḥ—the cutting of the wings; prajā-atyaye—when there was killing of the people in general; kṛtaḥ—was done; niviśatām—of those mountains which entered; bhāraiḥ—by the great weight; patattraiḥ—by wings; patatām—falling; bhuvi—on the ground.
Indra thought: Formerly, when many mountains flying in the sky with wings would fall to the ground and kill people, I cut their wings with this same thunderbolt.

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