rathino rathibhis tatra
pattibhiḥ saha pattayaḥ
hayā hayair ibhāś cebhaiḥ
samasajjanta saṁyuge
rathinaḥ—fighters on chariots; rathibhiḥ—with the charioteers of the enemy; tatra—in the battlefield; pattibhiḥ—with the infantry soldiers; saha—with; pattayaḥ—the infantry of the enemy soldiers; hayāḥ—the horses; hayaiḥ—with the enemy’s soldiers; ibhāḥ—the soldiers fighting on the backs of elephants; ca—and; ibhaiḥ—with the enemy’s soldiers on the backs of elephants; samasajjanta—began to fight together on an equal level; saṁyuge—on the battlefield.
On that battlefield, the charioteers fought with the opposing charioteers, the infantry soldiers with the opposing infantry, the soldiers on horseback with the opposing soldiers on horseback, and the soldiers on the backs of elephants with the enemy soldiers on elephants. In this way, the fighting took place between equals.

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