garuḍo bhagavān stotra-
stobhaś chandomayaḥ prabhuḥ
rakṣatv aśeṣa-kṛcchrebhyo
viṣvaksenaḥ sva-nāmabhiḥ
garuḍaḥ—His Holiness Garuḍa, the carrier of Lord Viṣṇu; bhagavān—as powerful as the Supreme Personality of Godhead; stotra-stobhaḥ—who is glorified by selected verses and songs; chandaḥ-mayaḥ—the personified Vedas; prabhuḥ—the lord; rakṣatu—may He protect; aśeṣa-kṛcchrebhyaḥ—from unlimited miseries; viṣvaksenaḥ—Lord Viṣvaksena; sva-nāmabhiḥ—by His holy names.
Lord Garuḍa, the carrier of Lord Viṣṇu, is the most worshipable lord, for he is as powerful as the Supreme Lord Himself. He is the personified Vedas and is worshiped by selected verses. May he protect us from all dangerous conditions, and may Lord Viṣvaksena, the Personality of Godhead, also protect us from all dangers by His holy names.

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