evaṁ sa viplāvita-sarva-dharmā
dāsyāḥ patiḥ patito garhya-karmaṇā
nipātyamāno niraye hata-vrataḥ
sadyo vimukto bhagavan-nāma gṛhṇan
evam—in this way; saḥ—he (Ajāmila); viplāvita-sarva-dharmāḥ—who gave up all religious principles; dāsyāḥ patiḥ—the husband of a prostitute; patitaḥ—fallen; garhya-karmaṇā—by being engaged in abominable activities; nipātyamānaḥ—falling; niraye—in hellish life; hata-vrataḥ—who broke all his vows; sadyaḥ—immediately; vimuktaḥ—liberated; bhagavat-nāma—the holy name of the Lord; gṛhṇan—chanting.
Ajāmila was a brāhmaṇa who because of bad association had given up all brahminical culture and religious principles. Becoming most fallen, he stole, drank and performed other abominable acts. He even kept a prostitute. Thus he was destined to be carried away to hell by the order carriers of Yamarāja, but he was immediately rescued simply by a glimpse of the chanting of the holy name Nārāyaṇa.

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