sāṅketyaṁ pārihāsyaṁ vā
stobhaṁ helanam eva vā
aśeṣāgha-haraṁ viduḥ
sāṅketyam—as an assignation; pārihāsyam—jokingly; —or; stobham—as musical entertainment; helanam—neglectfully; eva—certainly; —or; vaikuṇṭha—of the Lord; nāma-grahaṇam—chanting the holy name; aśeṣa—unlimited; agha-haram—neutralizing the effect of sinful life; viduḥ—advanced transcendentalists know.
One who chants the holy name of the Lord is immediately freed from the reactions of unlimited sins, even if he chants indirectly [to indicate something else], jokingly, for musical entertainment, or even neglectfully. This is accepted by all the learned scholars of the scriptures.

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