tasmād akīrti-yaśasor
jayāpajayayor api
samaḥ syāt sukha-duḥkhābhyāṁ
mṛtyu-jīvitayos tathā
tasmāt—therefore (because of being fully dependent on the pleasure of the Supreme Personality of Godhead); akīrti—of defamation; yaśasoḥ—and fame; jaya—of victory; apajayayoḥ—and defeat; api—even; samaḥ—equal; syāt—one should be; sukha-duḥkhābhyām—with the distress and happiness; mṛtyu—of death; jīvitayoḥ—or of living; tathā—as well as.
Since everything is dependent on the supreme will of the Personality of Godhead, one should be equipoised in fame and defamation, victory and defeat, life and death. In their effects, represented as happiness and distress, one should maintain oneself in equilibrium, without anxiety.

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