te ca hy arvāktanayā nija-loka-yātrayāndha-paramparayāśvastās tamasy andhe svayam eva prapatiṣyanti.
te—those people not following the Vedic principles; ca—and; hi—certainly; arvāktanayā—deviating from the eternal principles of Vedic religion; nija-loka-yātrayā—by a practice arrived at by their own mental concoction; andha-paramparayā—by a disciplic succession of blind. ignorant people; āśvastāḥ—being encouraged; tamasi—into the darkness of ignorance; andhe—blindness; svayam eva—themselves; prapatiṣyanti—will fall down.
Low-class people, due to their gross ignorance, introduce a system of religion that deviates from the Vedic principles. Following their own mental concoctions, they automatically fall down into the darkest regions of existence.
In this connection, one may see Bhagavad-gītā, Chapter Sixteen. where there is a description of the downfall of the asuras (16.16 and 16.23).

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