viśvodbhava-sthāna-nirodha-karma te
hy akartur aṅgīkṛtam apy apāvṛtaḥ
yuktaṁ na citraṁ tvayi kārya-kāraṇe
sarvātmani vyatirikte ca vastutaḥ
viśva—of the whole universe; udbhava—of the creation; sthāna—of the maintenance; nirodha—of the annihilation; karma—these activities; te—of You (O dear Lord); hi—indeed; akartuḥ—aloof; aṅgīkṛtam—still accepted by the Vedic literature; api—although; apāvṛtaḥ—untouched by all these activities; yuktam—befitting; na—not; citram—wonderful; tvayi—in You; kārya-kāraṇe—the original cause of all effects; sarva-ātmani—in all respects; vyatirikte—set apart; ca—also; vastutaḥ—the original substance.
O Lord, although You are completely detached from the creation, maintenance and annihilation of this material world and are not directly affected by these activities, they are all attributed to You. We do not wonder at this, for Your inconceivable energies perfectly qualify You to be the cause of all causes. You are the active principle in everything, although You are separate from everything. Thus we can realize that everything is happening because of Your inconceivable energy.

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