maitreya uvaca
etavad uktva virarama sankarah
patny-anga-nasam hy ubhayatra cintayan
suhrd-didrksuh parisankita bhavan
niskramati nirvisati dvidhasa sa
maitreyah uvaca—Maitreya said; etavat—so much; uktva—after speaking; virarama—was silent; sankarah—Lord Siva; patni-anga-nasam—the destruction of the body of his wife; hi—since; ubhayatra—in both cases; cintayan—understanding; suhrt-didrksuh—being anxious to see her relatives; parisankita—being afraid; bhavat—of Siva; niskramati—moving out; nirvisati—moving in; dvidha—divided; asa—was; sa—she (Sati).
The sage Maitreya said: Lord Siva was silent after speaking to Sati, seeing her between decisions. Sati was very much anxious to see her relatives at her fatherís house, but at the same time she was afraid of Lord Sivaís warning. Her mind unsettled, she moved in and out of the room as a swing moves this way and that.
Satiís mind was divided about whether to go to her fatherís house or obey the orders of Lord Siva. The struggle between the two decisions was so strong that she was pushed from one side of the room to another, and she began to move just like the pendulum of a clock.

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