asyāpratihataṁ cakraṁ
pṛthor āmānasācalāt
vartate bhagavān arko
yāvat tapati go-gaṇaiḥ
asya—of this King; apratihatam—not being impeded; cakram—the circle of influence; pṛthoḥ—of King Pṛthu; ā-mānasa-acalāt—up to Mānasa Mountain; vartate—remains; bhagavān—the most powerful; arkaḥ—sun-god; yāvat—just as; tapati—shines; go-gaṇaiḥ—with rays of light.
Just as the sun-god expands his shining rays up to the Arctic region without impedance, the influence of King Pṛthu will cover all tracts of land up to the Arctic region and will remain undisturbed as long as he lives.
Although the Arctic region is not visible to ordinary persons, the sun shines there without impediment. Just as no one can check the sunshine from spreading all over the universe, no one could check the influence and reign of King Pṛthu, which would remain undisturbed as long as he lived. The conclusion is that the sunshine and the sun-god cannot be separated, nor could King Pṛthu and his ruling strength be separated. His rule over everyone would continue without disturbance. Thus the King could not be separated from his ruling power.

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