vīra-mātaram āhūya
sunīthāṁ brahma-vādinaḥ
prakṛty-asammataṁ venam
abhyaṣiñcan patiṁ bhuvaḥ
vīra—of Vena; mātaram—mother; āhūya—calling; sunīthām—of the name Sunīthā; brahma-vādinaḥ—the great sages learned in the Vedas; prakṛti—by the ministers; asammatam—not approved of; venamVena; abhyaṣiñcan—enthroned; patim—the master; bhuvaḥ—of the world.
The great sages then called for the Queen Mother, Sunīthā, and with her permission they installed Vena on the throne as master of the world. All the ministers, however, disagreed with this.

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