citraketuḥ surociś ca
virajā mitra eva ca
ulbaṇo vasubhṛdyāno
dyumān śakty-ādayo ’pare
citraketuḥCitraketu; surociḥ ca—and Suroci; virajāḥVirajā; mitraḥMitra; eva—also; ca—and; ulbaṇaḥUlbaṇa; vasubhṛdyānaḥ—Vasubhṛdyāna; dyumānDyumān; śakti-ādayaḥ—sons headed by Śakti; apare—from his other wife.
The names of these seven sages are as follows: Citraketu, Suroci, Virajā, Mitra, Ulbaṇa, Vasubhṛdyāna and Dyumān. Some other very competent sons were born from Vasiṣṭha’s other wife.
Ūrjā, who is sometimes known as Arundhatī and was the wife of Vasiṣṭha, was the ninth daughter of Kardama Muni.

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