māsena tu śiro dvābhyāṁ
liṅga-cchidrodbhavas tribhiḥ
māsena—within a month; tu—then; śiraḥ—a head; dvābhyām—in two months; bāhu—arms; aṅghri—feet; ādi—and so on; aṅga—limbs; vigrahaḥ—form; nakha—nails; loma—body hair; asthi—bones; carmāṇi—and skin; liṅga—organ of generation; chidra—apertures; udbhavaḥ—appearance; tribhiḥ—within three months.
In the course of a month, a head is formed, and at the end of two months the hands, feet and other limbs take shape. By the end of three months, the nails, fingers, toes, body hair, bones and skin appear, as do the organ of generation and the other apertures in the body, namely the eyes, nostrils, ears, mouth and anus.

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