mad-dharmaṇo guṇair etaiḥ
parisaṁśuddha āśayaḥ
śruta-mātra-guṇaṁ hi mām
mat-dharmaṇaḥ—of My devotee; guṇaiḥ—with the attributes; etaiḥ—these; parisaṁśuddhaḥ—completely purified; āśayaḥ—consciousness; puruṣasya—of a person; añjasā—instantly; abhyeti—approaches; śruta—by hearing; mātra—simply; guṇam—quality; hi—certainly; mām—Me.
When one is fully qualified with all these transcendental attributes and his consciousness is thus completely purified, he is immediately attracted simply by hearing My name or hearing of My transcendental quality.
In the beginning of this instruction, the Lord explained to His mother that mad-guṇa-śruti-mātreṇa, simply by hearing of the name, quality, form, etc., of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, one is immediately attracted. A person becomes fully qualified with all transcendental qualities by following the rules and regulations, as recommended in different scriptures. We have developed certain unnecessary qualities by material association, and by following the above process we become free from that contamination. To develop transcendental qualities, as explained in the previous verse, one must become free from these contaminated qualities.

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