bāhūṁś ca mandara-gireḥ parivartanena
nirṇikta-bāhu-valayān adhiloka-pālān
sañcintayed daśa-śatāram asahya-tejaḥ
śaṅkhaṁ ca tat-kara-saroruha-rāja-haṁsam
bāhūn—the arms; ca—and; mandara-gireḥ—of Mount Mandara; parivartanena—by the revolving; nirṇikta—polished; bāhu-valayān—the arm ornaments; adhiloka-pālān—the source of the controllers of the universe; sañcintayet—one should meditate on; daśa-śata-aram—the Sudarśana disc (ten hundred spokes); asahya-tejaḥ—dazzling luster; śaṅkham—the conch; ca—also; tat-kara—in the hand of the Lord; saroruha—lotuslike; rāja-haṁsam—like a swan.
The yogī should further meditate upon the Lord’s four arms, which are the source of all the powers of the demigods who control the various functions of material nature. Then the yogi should concentrate on the polished ornaments, which were burnished by Mount Mandara as it revolved. He should also duly contemplate the Lord’s discus, the Sudarśana cakra, which contains one thousand spokes and a dazzling luster, as well as the conch, which looks like a swan in His lotuslike palm.
All departments of law and order emanate from the arms of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The law and order of the universe is directed by different demigods, and it is here said to emanate from the Lord’s arms. Mandara Hill is mentioned here because when the ocean was churned by the demons on one side and the demigods on the other, Mandara Hill was taken as the churning rod. The Lord in His tortoise incarnation became the pivot for the churning rod, and thus His ornaments were polished by the turning of Mandara Hill. In other words, the ornaments on the arms of the Lord are as brilliant and lustrous as if they had been polished very recently. The wheel in the hand of the Lord, called the Sudarśana cakra, has one thousand spokes. The yogī is advised to meditate upon each of the spokes. He should meditate upon each and every one of the component parts of the transcendental form of the Lord.

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