suta uvaca
evam sancoditas tena
ksattra kausaravir munih
pritah pratyaha tan prasnan
hrdi-sthan atha bhargava
sutah uvacaSri Suta Gosvami said; evamthus; sancoditahbeing enlivened; tenaby him; ksattraby Vidura; kausaravihthe son of Kusara; munihgreat sage; pritahbeing pleased; pratyahareplied; tanthose; prasnanquestions; hrdi-sthanfrom the core of his heart; athathus; bhargavaO son of Bhrgu.
Suta Gosvami said: O son of Bhrgu, the great sage Maitreya Muni, thus hearing from Vidura, felt very much enlivened. Everything was in his heart, and thus he began to reply to the questions one after another.
The phrase suta uvaca (Suta Gosvami said) appears to indicate a break in the discourse between Maharaja Pariksit and Sukadeva Gosvami. While Sukadeva Gosvami was speaking to Maharaja Pariksit, Suta Gosvami was only one member of a large audience. But Suta Gosvami was speaking to the sages of Naimisaranya, headed by the sage Saunaka, a descendant of Sukadeva Gosvami. This, however, does not make any substantial difference in the topics under discussion.

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