te tu tūrṇam upavrajya
devakyā garbha-janma tat
ācakhyur bhoja-rājāya
yad udvignaḥ pratīkṣate
te—all the watchmen; tu—indeed; tūrṇam—very quickly; upavrajya—going before (the King); devakyāḥ—of Devakī; garbha-janma—the deliverance from the womb; tat—that (child); ācakhyuḥ—submitted; bhoja-rājāya—unto the King of the Bhojas, Kaṁsa; yat—of whom; udvignaḥ—with great anxiety; pratīkṣate—was waiting (for the child’s birth).
Thereafter, all the watchmen very quickly approached King Kaṁsa, the ruler of the Bhoja dynasty, and submitted the news of the birth of Devakī’s child. Kaṁsa, who had awaited this news very anxiously, immediately took action.
Kaṁsa was very anxiously waiting because of the prophecy that the eighth child of Devakī would kill him. This time, naturally, he was awake and waiting, and when the watchmen approached him, he immediately took action to kill the child.

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