Prabhupada: They distribute pills. I have seen the boys and girls dancing together, embracing, in the school film. That ruins the career. Both of them are ruined. That is very regrettable. Then you shall require this sterilization, pills, another big program. They are creating animal civilization, and when the animals are disturbing, they are trying to find out some other means. This is their program. First of all create animals. Then, when the animals behave like animals, then another program. Why do you create animal? Woman brahmacarini, this is artificial.   (More...)
Tamala Krsna: In our centers, though, there are so many brahmacarinis, and even sometimes they're encouraged to remain brahmacarini.   (More...)
Prabhupada: That they cannot. As soon as they will find opportunity, they will become vyabhicarini.   (More...)
Prabhupada: Vyabhicarini. For woman, protection.   (More...)
Prabhupada: Therefore polygamy was allowed. Let them be taken care of, one husband, three wives. Therefore the ksatriyas were taking hundreds of women. They had money.   (More...)
Prabhupada: Just like we see, when Devaki was married, so many Devaki's young friends also went. They were taken shelter. The woman population is always bigger. (end)   (More...)

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