Therefore, yesterday we were explaining the ten kinds of offenses. Out of ten kinds of offenses, the serious offense is guror avajna, disobedience of the order of guru. This is the verdict of the sastra. Krsna is helping us in so many ways. He comes personally to help us, to deliver us from these clutches of maya, and He advises, sarva-dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vraja [Bg. 18.66]. And when He's not physically present, He keeps Bhagavad-gita left by Him so that others may read and take advantage of this sublime instruction of Krsna. So He is helping us from within—buddhi-yogam dadami tamfrom within. Tene brahma hrda. These statements are there in the sastras. "He expounded the Vedic knowledge," hrda, "from the heart,"—brahma means Vedic knowledge, sabda-brahman"to Brahma." Because at that time there was nobody to instruct him. So how he got the instruction of Vedas? Because Krsna instructed. Krsna hoite catur-mukha, hoy krsna-sevonmukha. Bhaktivinoda Thakura has sung. Catur-mukha means Brahma. So being instructed by Krsna, Brahma became inclined to serve Krsna. Therefore he has written Brahma-samhita. Govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami **. He understands, "Here is adi-purusa. I am the only creature now within the universe, so I am getting instruction from Krsna, hrda, from my heart."   (More...)

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