TEXT 223
malaya-parvate kaila agastya-vandana
kanyā-kumārī tāṅhāṅ kaila daraśana
malaya-parvate—in the Malaya Hills; kaila—did; agastya-vandana—obeisances to Agastya Muni; kanyā-kumārīKanyā-kumārī; tāṅhāṅ—there; kaila daraśana—visited.
Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu then went to Malaya-parvata and offered prayers to Agastya Muni. He then visited Kanyā-kumārī [Cape Comorin].
The range of mountains in South India beginning at Kerala and extending to Cape Comorin is called Malaya-parvata. Concerning Agastya, there are four opinions: (1) There is a temple of Agastya Muni in the village of Agastyampallī in the district of Tanjoreāñ. (2) There is a temple of Lord Skanda on a hill known as Śiva-giri, and it is supposed to have been established by Agastya Muni. (3) Some say that near Cape Comorin there is a hill known as Paṭhiyā, which was supposed to have served as Agastya Muni's residence. (4) There is a place known as Agastya-malaya, which is a range of hills on both sides of the Tāmraparṇī River. Cape Comorin itself is known as Kanyā-kumārī.

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