TEXT 219
tāmraparṇī snāna kari' tāmraparṇī-tīre
naya tripati dekhi' bule kutūhale
tāmraparṇī—in the Tāmraparṇī River; snāna kari'-taking a bath; tāmraparṇī-tīre—on the bank of the Tāmraparṇī River; naya tripati—the Deity named Naya-tripati; dekhi'-after seeing; bule—wandered on; kutūhale—in great curiosity.
There was also a temple of Lord Viṣṇu at Naya-tripati on the bank of the river Tāmraparṇī, and after bathing in the river, Lord Caitanya Mahāprabhu saw the Deity with great curiosity and wandered on.
This Naya-tripati is also called Alwar Tirunagarai. It is a town about seventeen miles southeast of Tirunelveli. There are nine temples there of Śrīpati, or Viṣṇu. All the Deities of the temples assemble together during a yearly festival in the town.

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