TEXT 160
gopīnātha āmāra se eka-i aṅga haya
iṅhāke candana dile habe mora tāpa-kṣaya
gopīnātha—Lord Gopīnātha; āmāra—My; se—that; eka-i—one; aṅga—body; haya—is; iṅhāke—unto Him; candana dile—in offering this candana; habe—there will be; mora—My; tāpa-kṣaya—reduction of temperature.
"There is no difference between My body and Gopīnātha's body. They are one and the same. Therefore if you smear the sandalwood pulp on the body of Gopīnātha, you will naturally also smear it on My body. Thus the temperature of My body will be reduced.
Gopāla was situated in Vṛndāvana, which was far from Remuṇā. In those days, one had to pass through provinces governed by the Muslims, who sometimes hindered travelers. Considering the trouble of His devotee, Lord Gopāla, the greatest well-wisher of His devotees, ordered Mādhavendra Purī to smear the sandalwood pulp on the body of Gopīnātha, which was nondifferent from the body of Gopāla. In this way the Lord relieved Mādhavendra Purī from trouble and inconvenience.

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