TEXT 284
āra artha śuna, yāhā--arthera bhāṇḍāra
sthūle 'dui' artha, sūkṣme 'batriśa' prakāra
āra—another; artha—import; śuna—hear; yāhā—which; arthera bhāṇḍāra—storehouse of knowledge; sthūle—grossly; dui artha—two meanings; sūkṣme—by a subtle import; batriśa—thirty-two; prakāra—varieties.
"There is yet another meaning, which is full of a variety of imports. Actually there are two gross meanings and thirty-two subtle meanings.
The two gross meanings refer to regulative devotional service and spontaneous devotional service. There are also thirty-two subtle meanings. Under the heading of regulative devotional service, there are sixteen meanings: (1) a servant of the Lord as His personal associate, (2) a personal friend, (3) personal parents or similar superiors, (4) a personal beloved, (5) a servant elevated by spiritual cultivation, (6) a friend by spiritual cultivation, (7) parents and superior devotees by cultivation of devotional service, (8) a beloved wife or female friend by cultivation of devotional service, (9) a mature devotee as a servant, (10) a mature devotee as a friend, (11) a mature devotee as a parent and superior, (12) a mature devotee as wife and beloved, (13) an immature devotee as servant, (14) an immature devotee as a friend, (15) an immature devotee as father and superior, and (16) an immature devotee as a beloved. Similarly, under the heading of spontaneous devotion there are also sixteen various associates. Therefore the total number of devotees under the headings of regular devotees and spontaneous devotees is thirty-two.

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