tumi nātha--vraja-prāṇa, vrajera kara paritrāṇa,
bahu kārye nāhi avakāśa
tumi āmāra ramaṇa, sukha dite āgamana,
e tomāra vaidagdhya-vilāsa
tumi—You; nātha—the master; vraja-prāṇa—the life of Vrajabhūmi (Vṛndāvana); vrajera—of Vraja; kara—do; paritrāṇa—deliverance; bahu—many; kārye—in activities; nāhi—there is not; avakāśa—rest; tumi—You; āmāra—My; ramaṇa—enjoyer; sukha—happiness; dite—to give; āgamana—appearing; e—this; tomāra—Your; vaidagdhya-vilāsa—activities of expert transactions.
"My dear Lord, You are the master and the life and soul of Vṛndāvana. Kindly arrange for the deliverance of Vṛndāvana. We have no leisure hours away from our many activities. Actually, You are My enjoyer. You have appeared just to give Me happiness, and this is one of Your expert activities.
The word vaidagdhya means that one is very expert, learned, humorous, cunning, beautiful and expert in manifesting caricatures.

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