TEXT 217
ei dui guṇa vyāpe saba bhakta-jane
ākāśera 'śabda'-guṇa yena bhūta-gaṇe
ei dui—these two; guṇa—transcendental qualities; vyāpe—expand; saba bhakta-jane—in the lives of all devotees; ākāśera—of the sky; śabda-guṇa—the quality of sound; yena—like; bhūta-gaṇe—other material elements.
"These two qualities of the śānta stage spread through the lives of all devotees. They are like the quality of sound in the sky. Sound vibration is found in all material elements.
The qualities of śānta-rasa are present in all kinds of devotees, whether they are in the dāsya-rasa, sakhya-rasa, vātsalya-rasa or madhura-rasa. The example of sound is given herein. Sound not only exists in the sky, or ether, but it is also present in air, fire, water and earth. This is a scientific explanation of devotional service. just as sound is present in all material elements, śānta-rasa is present in all devotees, whether they are on the platform of dāsya-rasa, sakhya-rasa, vātsalya-rasa or madhura-rasa.

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