TEXT 145
tāra madhye manuṣya-jāti ati alpatara
tāra madhye mleccha, pulinda, bauddha, śabara
tāra madhye—among all such living entities; manuṣya-jāti—entities born as human beings; ati—very; alpatara—small in quantity; tāra madhye—among the small quantity of human beings; mleccha—uncivilized men who cannot follow the Vedic principles; pulinda—unregulated; bauddha—followers of Buddhist philosophy; śabara—the lowest of men (the hunter class).
"Although the living entities known as human beings are very small in quantity, that division may be still further subdivided, for there are many uncultured human beings like mlecchas, pulindas, bauddhas and śabaras.

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