śeṣa-līlāra 'madhya' 'antya',--dui nāma haya
līlā-bhede vaiṣṇava saba nāma-bheda kaya
śeṣa-līlāra—of the śeṣa-līlā, or pastimes at the end; madhya—the middle; antya—the final; dui—two; nāma—names; haya—are; līlā-bhede—by the difference of pastimes; vaiṣṇava—the devotees of the Supreme Lord; saba—all; nāma-bheda—different names; kaya—say.
The final pastimes of the Lord, occurring in His last twenty-four years, are called madhya [middle] and antya [final]. All the devotees of the Lord refer to His pastimes according to these divisions.

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