TEXT 197
tomāra bāpa-jyeṭhā--viṣaya-viṣṭhā-gartera kīḍā
sukha kari' māne viṣaya-viṣera mahā-pīḍā
tomāra—your; bāpa—father; jyeṭhā—his elder brother; viṣaya—of material enjoyment; viṣṭhā—stool; gartera—of the ditch; kīḍā—worms; sukha kari'-as happiness; māne—they consider; viṣaya—of material enjoyment; viṣera—of the poison; mahā-pīḍā—the great disease.
"My dear Raghunātha dāsa, your father and his elder brother are just like worms in stool in the ditch of material enjoyment, for the great disease of the poison of material enjoyment is what they consider happiness.
When a man is attached to material enjoyment, he is attached to many miserable conditions, but nevertheless he accepts his condemned position as one of happiness. Sense enjoyment is so strong for such a person that he cannot give it up, exactly as a worm in stool cannot give up the stool. From the spiritual point of view, when a person is too absorbed in material enjoyment, he is exactly like a worm in stool. Although such a position is utterly miserable to the eyes of liberated souls, the materialistic enjoyer is greatly attached to it.

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