are vidhi, tui baḍa-i niṭhura
anyo 'nya durlabha jana, preme karāñā sammilana,
'akṛtārthān' kene karis dūra?
are—oh; vidhi—Providence; tui—you; baḍa-i—very; niṭhura—cruel; anyo 'nya—for one another; durlabha jana—persons rarely obtained; preme—in love; karāñā sammilana—causing to meet together; akṛta-arthān—unsuccessful; kene—why; karis—you do; dūra—far apart.
"Oh, cruel Providence! You are very unkind, for you bring together in love people who are rarely in touch with each other. Then, after you have made them meet but before they are fulfilled, you again spread them far apart.

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