TEXT 152
cāri-māsa ei-mata nimantraṇe yāya
kona kona vaiṣṇava 'divasa' nāhi pāya
cāri-māsa—for four months; ei-mata—in this way; nimantraṇe yāya—Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu keeps His invitations; kona kona vaiṣṇava—some of the Vaiṣṇava devotees; divasa—day; nāhi pāya—could not get.
The four months of Cāturmāsya passed in this manner, with the Lord accepting invitations from His devotees. Because of a heavy schedule of invitations, however, some of the Vaiṣṇavas could not get an open day on which to invite the Lord.

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