prabhu hāsi' nimantraṇa kaila aṅgīkāra
sannyāsīre kṛpā lāgi' e bhaṅgī tāṅhāra
prabhu—the Lord; hāsi'-smiling; nimantraṇa—invitation; kaila—made; aṅgīkāra—acceptance; sannyāsīre—unto the Māyāvādī sannyasīs; kṛpā—to show them mercy; lāgi'-for the matter of; e—this; bhaṅgī—gesture; tāṅhāra—His.
Lord Caitanya smiled and accepted the invitation of the brāhmaṇa. He made this gesture to show His mercy to the Māyāvādī sannyāsīs.
Tapana Miśra and Candraśekhara appealed to the lotus feet of the Lord regarding their grief at the criticism of Him by the sannyāsīs in Benares. Caitanya Mahāprabhu merely smiled, yet He wanted to fulfill the desires of His devotees, and the opportunity came when the brāhmaṇa came to request Him to accept his invitation to be present in the midst of the other sannyāsīs. This coincidence was made possible by the omnipotency of the Lord.

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