rakta-pīta-varṇa,--nāhi aṣṭhi-valkala
eka janera peṭa bhare khāile eka phala
rakta-pīta-varṇa—the mangoes were red and yellow in color; nāhi—there was none; aṣṭhi—seed; valkala—or skin; eka—one; janera—man's; peṭa—belly; bhare—filled up; khāile—if he would eat; eka—one; phala—fruit.
The fruits were all red and yellow, with no seed inside and no skin outside, and eating one fruit would immediately fill a man's belly.
In India a mango is considered best when it is red and yellow, its seed is very small, its skin is very thin, and it is so palatable that if a person eats one fruit he will be satisfied. The mango is considered the king of all fruits.

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