prabhu kahe, vyākaraṇa paḍāi--abhimāna kari
śiṣyete nā bujhe, āmi bujhāite nāri
prabhu kahe—the Lord replied; vyākaraṇa paḍāi—yes, I teach grammar; abhimāna kari—I am supposed to do so; śiṣyete—amongst My disciples; —do not; bujhe—understand; āmi—I also; bujhāite—to make them understand; nāri—am not able.
The Lord said, "Yes, I am known as a teacher of grammar, but factually I cannot impress My students with grammatical knowledge, nor can they understand Me very well.
Since Keśava Kāśmīrī was a little puffed up, the Lord increased his artificial pride by presenting Himself as subordinate to him. Thus He flattered him as follows.

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