bālya-līlāya āge prabhura uttāna śayana
pitā-mātāya dekhāila cihna caraṇa
bālya-līlāya—in His pastimes as a child; āge—first of all; prabhura—of the Lord; uttāna—turning the body; śayana—lying down; pitā-mātāya—unto the parents; dekhāila—showed; cihna—marks; caraṇa—of the lotus feet.
In His first childhood pastimes the Lord turned upside down while lying on His bed, and thus He showed His parents the marks of His lotus feet.
The word uttāna is also used to mean "lying down on the bed face upwards" or "lying down flat on the bed." In some readings the word is utthāna, which means "standing up." In His childhood pastimes the Lord tried to catch the wall and stand up, but as an ordinary child falls down, so the Lord also fell down and again took to lying on His bed.

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