tabe śacī kole kari' karāila santoṣa
lajjita ha-ilā prabhu jāni' nija-doṣa
tabe—at that time; śacī—mother Śacīdevī; kole—on the lap; kari'-taking; karāila—made; santoṣa—pacified; lajjita—ashamed; ha-ilā—became; prabhu—the Lord; jāni'-knowing; nija—His own; doṣa—fault.
Then Śacīmātā would take her son on her lap and pacify Him, and the Lord would be very much ashamed, admitting His own faults.
There is a nice description of the faults of Śrī Caitanya Mahāprabhu in His childhood in the Caitanya-bhāgavata, Ādi-līlā, Chapter Three, where it is said that as a child the Lord used to steal all kinds of eatables from the houses of neighboring friends. In some houses He would steal milk and drink it, and in others He would steal and eat prepared rice. Sometimes He would break cooking pots. If there were nothing to eat but there were small babies, the Lord would tease the babies and make them cry. Sometimes a neighbor would complain to Śacīmātā, "My child is very small, but your child puts water in his ears and makes him cry."

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