antare vismita śacī balila tāhāre
"māṭi khāite jñāna-yoga ke śikhāla tore
antare—within herself; vismita—surprised; śacī—mother Śacī; balila—replied; tāhāre—unto Him; māṭi—dirt; khāite—to eat; jñāna-yoga—philosophical speculation; ke—who; śikhāla—taught; tore—You.
Astonished that the child was speaking Māyāvāda philosophy, mother Śacī replied, "Who has taught You this philosophical speculation that justifies eating dirt?"
In the philosophical discourse between the mother and the son, when the son said that everything is one, as impersonalists say, the mother replied, "If everything is one, why do people in general not eat dirt but eat the food grains produced from the dirt?"

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