śukla-kṛṣṇe gatī hy ete
jagataḥ śāśvate mate
ekayā yāty anāvṛttim
anyayāvartate punaḥ
śuklalight; kṛṣṇedarkness; gatī—passing away; hicertainly; ete—all these; jagataḥ—of the material world; śāśvate—the Vedas; mate—in the opinion; ekayā—by one; yāti—goes; anāvṛttim—no return; anyayā—by the other; āvartate—comes back; punaḥ—again.
According to the Vedas, there are two ways of passing from this world—one in light and one in darkness. When one passes in light, he does not come back; but when one passes in darkness, he returns.
The same description of departure and return is quoted by Ācārya Baladeva Vidyābhūṣaṇa from the Chandogya Upaniṣad. In such a way, those who are fruitive laborers and philosophical speculators from time immemorial are constantly going and coming. Actually they do not attain ultimate salvation, for they do not surrender to Kṛṣṇa.

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