anubandhaṁ kṣayaṁ hiṁsām
anapekṣya ca pauruṣam
mohād ārabhyate karma
yat tat tāmasam ucyate
anubandhamfuture bondage; kṣayamdistracted; hiṁsāmviolence; anapekṣyawithout consideration of consequences; caalso; pauruṣamdistressing to others; mohātby illusion; ārabhyatebegun; karmawork; yatthat; tatwhich; tāmasamin the mode of ignorance; ucyateis said to be.
And that action performed in ignorance and delusion without consideration of future bondage or consequences, which inflicts injury and is impractical, is said to be action in the mode of ignorance.
One has to give account of one's actions to the state or to the agents of the Supreme Lord called the Yamadūtas. Irresponsible work is distraction because it destroys the regulative principles of scriptural injunction. It is often based on violence and is distressing to other living entities. Such irresponsible work is carried out in the light of one's personal experience. This is called illusion. And all such illusory work is a product of the mode of ignorance.

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