doṣair etaiḥ kula-ghnānāṁ
utsādyante jāti-dharmāḥ
kula-dharmāś ca śāśvatāḥ
doṣaiḥby such faults; etaiḥall these; kula-ghnānāmof the destroyer of a family; varṇa-saṅkaraunwanted children; kārakaiḥby the doers; utsādyantecauses devastation; jāti-dharmāḥcommunity project; kula-dharmāḥfamily tradition; caalso; śāśvatāḥeternal.
Due to the evil deeds of the destroyers of family tradition, all kinds of community projects and family welfare activities are devastated.
The four orders of human society, combined with family welfare activities as they are set forth by the institution of the sanātana-dharma or varṇāśrama-dharma, are designed to enable the human being to attain his ultimate salvation. Therefore, the breaking of the sanātana-dharma tradition by irresponsible leaders of society brings about chaos in that society, and consequently people forget the aim of life—Viṣṇu. Such leaders are called blind, and persons who follow such leaders are sure to be led into chaos.

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