TEXT 117
siddhantatas tv abhede 'pi
rasenotkrsyate krsna-
rupam esa rasa-sthitih
siddhantatah—in reality; tu—but; abhede—no difference; api—although; sri-isa—of the husband of Laksmi, Narayana; krsna—of Lord Krsna; svarupayoh—between the forms; rasena—by transcendental mellows; utkrsyate—is superior; krsna-rupam—the form of Lord Krsna; esa—this; rasa-sthitih—reservoir of pleasure.
Venkata Bhatta continued, " 'According to transcendental realization, there is no difference between the forms of Narayana and Krsna. Yet in Krsna there is a special transcendental attraction due to the conjugal mellow, and consequently He surpasses Narayana. This is the conclusion of transcendental mellows.'
This verse quoted by Venkata Bhatta is also found in Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu (1.2.59).

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